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October 29, 2021
The perfectly disc-shaped crust seemed to be a FreshSlice-style frozen premade crust, and the cheese was a white semi-processed cheese rather than 100% mozzarella (real mozzarella is stretchy, not gluey like melted cheeseburger cheese), so I'm not sure it's my cup of tea. But the prices are good, and many of the toppings are tasty (especially the Italian sausage). So if your focus is budget over quality, it gets the job done.

October 05, 2021
Great pizza ready on time. Thanks!

October 02, 2021
It was good local pizza. Crust was great and I like how crispy the edges were. Price was a bit overpriced for how much toppings we received. There was only about 3 pieces of pepperoni, 2 pieces of chicken, and about 4 tiny pieces of mushroom in an XL pizza slice. Would be 5 stars if the toppings filled the whole pizza.

September 05, 2021
Great as always! Thank you!

August 04, 2021
Toppings were maybe a bit sparse, but that crust forgives any sin.

July 21, 2021
I love Avi pizza, I like the sauce and texture
Also it’s juicy. I personally do not like too much cheese so I ordered less cheese, it’s perfect!

June 16, 2021
Delicious, super cheesy and the pizza was ready when I arrived👍

May 29, 2021
Excellent as always

May 05, 2021
Dear customer, thank you very much for your valuable comments. Yes, I specially added a little more pineapple to your pizza today, I thought you would like it. Next time I will reduce the pineapple to you. All food given to guests will exceed the calculated weight. Only give more to guests, not less. thank you very much for your suggestion.

May 05, 2021
I got BBQ chicken. I loved the crust and texture and form of it and that the cheese stayed on and didn’t spill all over the place and separate. The bbq flavour wasn’t strong and was more like a hint of bbq. Tasted more like pineapple pizza and needed more of a punch of bbq.